Clairabell – The Sassiest Maltipoo You Will Ever Meet

WARNING: This was written by the subjects mother and WILL contain biased opinions, bragging, and loooootsssss of favoritism.

This is Clairabell. She can look like this:

A sophisticated, well groomed, lady.

Or she can look like this:

A fluff butt.

I know, I know. She’s probably the cutest dog you’ll ever see. 😉

Clairabell is a 4 year own maltipoo who has been with me since she was knee high to a grasshopper. She was a Christmas gift from my parents in 2017 and she has been blessing our lives every day since.

Behind the scenes is Mimi holding a treat.

She can be a biiiiiiit sassy. But so can you and I…right?

She gets jealous easily, can’t stand the concept of sharing, and likes to bark at nothing on the daily.

If she hears or sees our other dog, Bandit with a toy, she is stealing it. If she sees him getting an extra bite of food, she’s running as fast as her little fluffy legs can carry her to make sure she gets one, too. She is a serious drama queen and is fully aware that she has everyone in the house wrapped around her little grinch feet.

She has this strange obsession with socks. She doesn’t chew them. She just holds on to them and carries them around. She steals them from the dirty clothes so I’m constantly looking for them around the house.

My socks.
Biting Dad’s fingers….just because she can.

She likes to bite toes and fingers when she’s feeling spunky, but she also loves her sleep.

Sleeping in Bandits bed.

Seriously. She sleeps so much. 85% of the photos of her are her sleepy times.

She also loves being cuddled and cozy.

Biiiiig yawn.

But most of all, she loooves her mom the bestest.

Can’t forget about Dad, too!

Cuddle time!

I can honestly say I don’t know what I would do without my fur child. Claire is more than a dog, more than a pet, she is family. She makes me laugh everyday and has brought so much joy to my life. She also makes me want to scream sometimes. But isn’t that just what happens when you have kids?

Moral of this post: I LOVE CLAIRE AND SHE IS STINKING CUTE so I wanted to share a glimpse into her life. I hope you enjoyed all the photos!

PLEASE leave me a comment down below and tell me alllll about your fur baby!

With love, from Clairabell & I, to you.

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