BOOK REVIEW – Me by Elton John


An inspiring story about a musical prodigy who has overcome many struggles in his life.

My obsession with Elton John started a few years back when his movie, Rocketman, came out. I remember watching it with my mom and thinking how strange it was. I was very intrigued. My mom has always been a fan, so when I started looking up his music, I was familiar with a few songs. Little did I know that this was going to lead me into a deep love for Elton, his extra-ness, and his music.

I got my hands on this beautiful book at a local bookstore and cracked it open as soon as I got home. I had to pace myself, to only read one chapter a night, because I loved it so much and wanted it to last.

This book is filled with stories from his life from when he was a little boy, to now. It goes through his emotionally trying relationship with his parents, his anger issues, overcoming a drug addiction, his music career, and so much more.

He has a few interesting relationships with people who have since passed that he shares about – Princess Diana, Giovani Versace, and John Lennon. He really tells a lot about their personalities and what their lives were like, which I thought was really interesting.

Overall, it is just a really well written book and I was so happy that I could get to know him on a more personal level.

I would definitely recommend snatching this book at your local library and giving it a go to understand more about him, and to see inside of his rollercoaster of a life.

Happy reading!

With love, from me, to you.

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