BOOK REVIEW – Outlawed by Anna North

3.5/5 STARS

A feminist western that flips the script on everything we know about the Old West.

Outlawed by Anna North is a story based in 1894 in the Old West. It follows the Hole in the Wall Gang, but it’s a different storyline than the one we all know and have heard.

This book is so intriguing because it is woman based and changes the script completely. It talks about sexuality in a way that was not discussed in those times, and how people dealt with it.

While I do not know if it’s true or not, the book is all about barren women and how society thought of them in that time, which I found super interesting, and also sad.

As an avid Hello Sunshine Book Club follower, I had to grab this one. I have to say that it was not as captivating to me as her other picks, but it still had me up late into the night last night to finish it!

Overall it’s an inspiring story about strong women who can overcome anything life throws at them.

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