How I Started To Exercise More

The word exercise is a scary word. At least for me it is. I like my couch. I like my bed. But I also like feeling good about myself, which is what I found exercising done for me!

While surfing through YouTube I came across something that looked interesting. It was called the “2 Week Shred Challenge” by Chloe Ting. I thought….it’s just 2 weeks….why not give it a go?

So I did. I gave it a go. And I made Ryan do it with me.

And we regretted it. Just kidding! Well, I mean, in the moments of doing the exercises, we did regret it. But the feeling you get after completing it is far from regret.

During the 2 week program, you have days off. I somehow stumbled upon the Nike Run Club App, and decided maybe I should try to run on my days off of workouts. So I made Ryan try that with me too.

Because, I don’t want to be miserable and sweaty on my own, ya know?

So we tried that, too. The first run was miserable. The coach kept telling us how we should be feeling great and let me tell you, we felt anything but great. It was hard. But the coach also gave us some good tips on how to run better.

After taking his running advice to heart and changing how we done things, we can actually say that running is enjoyable now. If not totally enjoyable, then a TON easier! Seriously guys, I never thought I would say that running is easy! I find that I can get through a 40 minute run with energy still left in the tank. It’s wondrous. A true miracle.

We are on month 3 of daily exercises and we feel great. I sleep better, I eat better, and I feel better.

Nothing beats feeling confident and strong, and working out will do that for you. Honestly, if I can do it, you can do it! You got this!

Thanks for reading!

With love, from me, to you.

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