The Road Trip Chronicles

We are taking a road trip. 18 hours, 1,100 miles, 2 people, and a Volkswagen Jetta filled with luggage. We are headed south. To Florida, to be exact, to visit with my grandma.

Our first day was uneventful, driving from Michigan to Nashville, Tennessee.

But the second day.

It started out uneventful. We left Nashville at about 7:30 and we’re expected to arrive in Cortez at 6:30 PM. We pulled off to get some snacks that were in the back, and decided we might as well fill up the tank while we’re there.

For some reason, Ryan had to fight with the gas hose to get it in the vehicle….how strange. It was a sign. We get it in, whatever. Weird.

I go in to use the restroom and I come out and Ryan is gone. I get in the car and get a text from him that says, “Do not turn on the car.” Ummmmmm…okay….but why tho?? I wait for him to return. He comes and sheepishly tells me that we’ve accidentally put 5 gallons of gas in a diesel tank.

I don’t know anything about cars so I didn’t understand why that was such a big deal.

Ryan goes in the gas station to find something we can siphon the gas out with. He comes out with something. We tried it. But it didn’t work.

We called allllll of the automotive shops around us and they all gave us some reason as to why they couldn’t help us out.

Here we are stranded in Georgia, 600 miles away from grandma, 500 miles away from home, with gas in a diesel tank. Now if you’re like me and don’t know what the big deal is, I’ll tell you.

I ask Ryan, “what happens if we just drive?” His response, “the tank will blow up.”

Well. What a lovely thought. Does that mean we’re getting blown to bits? Or am I just overthinking this?

We find a Tractor Supply. We go there. They thankfully have special equipment to siphon gas. So we did just that. And let me tell you, it was no easy feat. Well, what it looked like from my observational skills, at least.

It took us 2 hours to clean out the gas tank. then we had to glide in on fumes to the gas station across the road to fill up again.

After we do that, we realize in all this craziness, Ryan left his phone on top of the car. 🤦🏼‍♀️ I tracked it with an app on my phone and we discovered it laying on the side of the road, unscathed.

We still haven’t arrived in Florida, and we will be much later than what was originally anticipated, but this is something we will remember for the rest of our lives.

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