Taking a Sunset Dolphin Tour

While on our vacation in Florida we decided to take a sunset tour and we are sooooooo happy that we did!

Our tour started with a dolphin hunt. I’m happy to report that we found them. 🙂

It was the cutest thing. They would chase after the boat and jump in the wake right behind us, it was so cool to see and be so close to a wild dolphin!

We got to sit and watch them for about a half an hour. After that we started driving around the bay. Then we stopped to watch the sunset. I swear, this entire vacation the sunsets were just saving all their colorfulness for tonight. It was the best one yet.

So it was another blessed night for Ryan & I. God really never ceases to amaze. Get into nature. Watch a sunset. Count your blessings. Remember to live abundantly.

With love, from me, to you.

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