A Trip to the Windy City

Chicago is one of my favorite places to visit. I will live there one day for sure.

This weekend I was whisked off to my home away from home thanks to my darling Fiancée. He surprised me with a 2 night stay! Bless him.

We ate sooo much food, a post soon to come about that! We shopped till we quite literally dropped, and we visited the Museum of Contemporary Art for the first time. We also managed to squeeze in a 3 mile run, our first ever run through downtown Chicago! We had a busy weekend.

Another new thing we tried out was renting bikes to ride through the city. This was intimidating. You cannot ride them on the sidewalk, you ride them on the road. With all of those Chicago drivers. 😳 We were quite literally one with the cars – just without that layer of protection you get from being in a car.

I unfortunately didn’t get ANY pictures of this adventure (I know, how can I blog about it with no pictures?) BUT I do have quite the story.

We were trying to get to the Disney store. We were looking for a place to park our bikes. We were at a crosswalk that most definitely had a red hand telling us NOT to cross. All of the cars were stopped, but they were about to get the green light telling them to punch the gas.

Ryan somehow missed the whole do not cross sign, or chose to just ignore it because the cars were stopped, and hey, what could go wrong?

So he gets to pedaling his bike. I just watch, thinking, this will end badly. But still, I say nothing, because, what could go wrong?

The cars get the greenlight as Ryan is in the middle of the crosswalk. They start to go. Ryan panics. He does this awkward little shimmying movement on his bike, I thought for sure he would fall over.

He clumsily gets to the other side of the crosswalk safely. But embarrassed. I was at the other side laughing so hard I was crying. Everyone around me probably thought I was some crazy girl, laughing uncontrollably at nothing.

This is definitely something that you just had to be there to laugh with me, but I felt I had to share it nonetheless.

Hope you had a laugh at my dear sweet Ryan, enjoy the rest of your day.

Here we are enjoying a lovely meal at RPM Italian.

With love, from me, to you.

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