An Easter Weekend Recap

I went to a service on Thursday night, and another one on Friday night. These were my first services, besides Sunday morning service, that I’ve been to for Easter.

The Thursday evening one really changed my outlook on things. It was more melancholy, I felt deeply saddened about what was happening in Jesus’ life on that night. It was honestly the first time I’ve seen him as a human being, rather than other worldly, or godly. Which he is, don’t get me wrong, but I often forget that Jesus was of this world, and he had real human feelings just like we do.

Jesus was scared of what was coming. He was praying to God with lament, with pain, with sorrow. It was his last night on this earth. And for the first time, I felt like I shared his pain for what was coming to him! I am truly thankful for all he went through for you and I.

I spent Good Friday at the church as well, with another wonderful service. This time my mom went with Ryan and I which made me sooooo happy! Thanks, mom. 😉

We smoked a pork loin for Easter Sunday, and made a chocolate cake – that literally split in half for some reason. 🤔 Things just don’t go your way sometimes, and this cake was one of those times! It was still delicious though! Both recipes came from the Cooks Country Cookbook that I posted about last week. You can read that post here.

Ryan cutting up our pork loin!

We took our two dishes over to Ryan’s parents house and spent the afternoon with them.

I had such a lovely Easter weekend! I am going into this week feeling soooo incredibly blessed for my life & all the people in it, and I hope you are, too!

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