Our Little Library

Ryan is such a darling and made a little library to put up on our small private road for everyone. I had come across photos of “Little Free Libraries” on the internet, and thought they were so stinking cute! I also love to read so the thought of a mini community library across the road from my house sounded very cool to me.

In May of 2019, LaFountaine Drive got their very own little library! Of course this is for anyone who would like to use it! It has kids books and adult books, magazines, etc. This is not an official “little free library”, as it is not registered.

We are planning on putting an addition on it, to separate the children’s books from the adult books, because right now it’s so jam packed with books it’s hard to see them all!

Here’s a huge THANK YOU to all who have donated books to the library. It’s truly so appreciated and it makes my heart so happy that people are enjoying it!

So stay tuned for the future endeavors of our little library! Be sure to check it out, and grab a book!

3 thoughts on “Our Little Library

  1. I have tons of books to donate whenever you have room for more books. I have probably almost every Danielle steel book ever written, . maybe shy a few if the past couple years but more than willing to part with a whole lot of books.


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