A Family Dinner

Last night we had the entire immediate family over (plus grandma!) for dinner. We didn’t get to be together for Easter this year, so this dinner was a late Easter/ my sisters birthday dinner.

Let me start by saying….I got no pictures.

On the menu we had popover bread, cider braised pork, oven roasted potatoes, corn, a lemon merengue pie, and a brown sugar cake – which turned out to be the leaning tower of Pisa because ya know….life.

A huge thanks to my cooks country cookbook for supplying me with majority of these recipes. Seriously, it’s the best book. Check out my post about it by clicking here.

Dinner was sooooo soooo good. The pork was juicy and tender, really flavorful with the apple cider, but not overly sweet. I was skeptical about this one but it’s one of my favorites. We basically ate an entire 6 pound pork butt. 😳

And you know the potatoes are delicious when my brother and I aren’t dipping them in ketchup. It was just that good!

And I’m happy to report the leaning tower of Pisa cake definitely tasted better than it looked.

After dinner was a game. We played Headbandz, which, if you don’t know what that is, you really must play it yourself. It’s cute and fun.

You wear a headband on your head, put a card on the headband that you can’t see, and try to guess what’s on your card.

John’s card was a turkey. He could not figure it out.

“Do I have claws?”


“Do I have fur?”


“Do I have a tail?”

Umm. Yes.

“Do I have hair on my tail?”


A devastated face. “I HAVE A HAIRLESS TAIL?! AM I A RAT?!”


Meanwhile, Sam (my 2 year old nephew) is going around trying to scream out everyone’s cards. He walks to my grandma. “YOU’RE A SHARK.” And to my mom, who has ketchup on her card, “ASK IF YOU ARE A HOTDOG.”

Who even won the game…I’m unsure. It was chaos.

A wonderful weekend spent doing my favorite things, cooking, and staying at home.

Here’s a photo of what the pups were up to when Ryan and I were in the kitchen preparing dinner.

Spend time with your loved ones when you get the chance this week.

With love, from me, to you.

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