Seeking Happiness

I feel as if lately life has been extra hard. It’s hard to find time to do all the things in the waking day.

I’ve been realizing lately that the past few weeks, the things I’ve been making a priority in my life aren’t bringing me joy. By the time I get all the things done in a day, it’s time to go to bed to be prepared for the next day, just to do all those things once again. And again. And again.

The weekends are so short. They go by so fast. I crave more quiet time. More down time. Just more time.

I’ve realized I need to let go of things more. Be more spontaneous. Stop worrying about the future. Have a little more faith. And try to pick out every single good thing in every day, no matter how small that may be.

Let’s stop waiting for tomorrow to be happy. Let’s make that decision today.

Happy spontaneity,

with love, from me, to you.

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