Indiana Dunes National Park

This weekend we checked out Indiana Dunes National Park. It was just established into a National Park in 2019.

This was a fun day trip, seeing the beautiful Lake Michigan and doing a couple hiking trails!

This place was a good mix of dunes/beach and woodsy hikes. The water was beautiful and I even found a couple pieces of beach glass which I was sooo excited about!

We seen an old old homestead/farm, and visited an old cemetery, which I always think is neat!

The old cemetery!

Then we climbed up Mount Baldy – why is every huge sand dune in Michigan called Mt. Baldy btw?! – which was a journey with the little fluff ball. Ryan carried her the whole way. It was beautiful at the top!

Look at that sand!

I even found a GREEN piece of beach glass up here!

It was so windy.

You could see the Chicago Skyline, which was amazing to me. I love Chicago!

Chicago Skyline!

Overall this was a great day! A nice park with some beautiful spots and good hikes!

Claire was tuckered out!

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