On our last visit to Chicago we got to try out the tilt ride in the John Hancock building on the 94th floor at 360 CHICAGO.

We stayed at the 21C Museum Hotel, so it came with it for free! We also got a super discounted parking rate for staying there, AND we got into the hotels museum for free. It was definitely one of my favorite hotels we’ve stayed at in the city!

The views of the city were stunning. It was super cool to be able to see every side of the city from so high. Lake Michigan had the most stunning color.

This photo was taken just a few minutes before going on the Tilt. The Tilt is where you go into a smaller space, step out into a little pod thingy, and they TILT YOU FORWARD SO YOU ARE LOOKING DOWN 94 STORIES.

I really thought all would be fine. While standing in line we got to watch the ones before us do it. I would say about half of them were standing back not getting the full experience because they were afraid.

Pshhht. I thought. Babies.

Peep the guy all the way to the right. That’s exactly what I looked like!

And then I stepped in.

Dear heavens we were high up.

The first tilt comes. I’m feeling a little weak in the knees.

The second tilt comes. I’m leaning back and not looking at the ground.

The third tilt comes. I’m sweating.

It’s safe to say I probably won’t do that again. But it was pretty cool to do once. Just once.

BEFORE the tilt.

With love, from me, to you!

One thought on “360 CHICAGO

  1. Your smile before the tilt!!! Lol glad you got the picture before not sure if you would looked so relaxed if it was taken after the tilt!!

    Liked by 1 person

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