Smoky Mountains Trip!

Since nothing exciting is going on in my life currently, here’s a few photos of a trip I took to Gatlinburg at this time last year with Billy and John! And the pups of course!

I think it’s only right that my first photo is one of my brother dying on a 10 mile round trip hike UP a mountain. Needless to say – we did NOT make it up the mountain.

We did see some beautiful views though!

Here’s a baby bear we seen on the Cades Cove drive. He was with his mom and 2 brothers. (Or sisters)

Hiking around this waterfall was soooo fun. We took our shoes and socks off and climbed all over the rocks.

This cute hike led us to a waterfall and a small swimming hole! You could walk underneath the waterfall, which is what you see above!

This is such a beautiful place and I cannot wait to visit here again! I am happiest when I’m traveling 😍

With love, from me, to you. ❤️

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