Out West Adventures

Another throwback blog post! Here’s a photo dump of our latest out west vacation! We stopped at badlands national Park, Yellowstone national park, and the Teton mountains.

Here’s a close-up of a bison that was lying down on the side of the road. These things creep me OUT!

Here we are at Badlands National Park!

Clairabell and Walter exploring a tunnel.

Seriously. I love this. There were wild donkeys roaming around, so I stopped and gave them some cheezits. Here he is taking it from my hand.

Wyoming astounds me. It looks like this for MILES AND MILES AND MILES. seriously. Nothing for dayyyyys!!

I rescued this little baby duck from drowning in Lake Yellowstone. His family was nowhere to be found. I was very saddened!

Here’s the little guy floating away to his new family. This was a pond that had many ducks in it. I put him in the water, the wind (I called it fate) was carrying him off to the other ducks, but he kept looking at me and quacking. I’m pretty sure he wanted me to be his mom. So excuse me while I go cry. BUT Ryan looked it up and according to google, ducks adopt lost babies – so I made the right choice by giving him to these other ones.

This cracks me up. Here is Claire looking through the binoculars at an elk that was across the river. She was truly looking into them. I wonder what that little fluffy head was seeing.

Some sights are just so beautiful that a camera doesn’t do it justice. Pictured above is a huge elk on a little island right in front of a mountain. Amazing.

The colors on these pools are just so mesmerizing.

We sure do live in a beautiful, beautiful world. Thanking God for giving me these experiences, and for creating a world as breathtaking as the one we live in.

With love, from me, to you.

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