Diners, Drive Ins & Dives – St. Louis

For Memorial Day weekend, we visited St. Louis, Missouri to see the Gateway Arch and explore the city. We also were able to hit up 4 Triple D restaurants!

For those that don’t know what Triple D is, it’s a show on Food Network Called Diners, Drive Ins and Dives. It’s ran by Guy Fieri, and he goes around the world to find local diners that are highly rated with a townsfolk. He always features at least one item on the menu.

Our first stop: The Shaved Duck, where we got 2 appetizers: the cheese fries with pulled pork, and duck confit.

We had conflicting feelings about this meal. Ryan loved the cheese fries – I thought they were average. I loved the duck – Ryan thought it was too salty.

Seriously though, the duck was bomb. It had some spiced jam on it that quite literally tasted like Christmas on a plate. It warmed my soul, and I so wish I knew how to make it.

Next stop: Anthonino’s Taverna, where we tasted toasted raviolis!

These are fried raviolis filled with sausage. We both felt the same about this one – they were pretty average. We got them for takeout, so we didn’t get the full dining experience.

Next up: Iron Barley, where we got the Schnitzel and Spaetzle.

This was a pork loin chop fried in a white wine sauce, with green beans and a homemade spaetzle pasta on the side. Oh and hand cut French fries. Who doesn’t love those?!

Our last stop: Sweetie Pies, where Ryan got a turkey leg that was roughly the same size as his leg. Give or take.

There was a huge line to get into this place, and by golly we waited in it. It’s a cafeteria style restaurant that serves different meats daily. It was okay. The homemade macaroni and cheese was super good though!

So there’s our trip in food version. There was a few restaurants we didn’t get to go to because they were closed for the holiday :/ but we’re happy with all we ate!

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