Not Your Average Tuesday

So yesterday we got out of the house. Claire had an appointment at the groomer, and my mom and I decided to go to the outlet mall while we wait for her to get done.

While pulling out of the groomers, we both watch a tiny little kitten trot across the road. We’re both saying “awwwwwwwwww” until I realize – it ran right underneath of a UPS truck, and it’s trying the get in the tire! 😱

Well of course I absolutely had to turn around.

By the time I turn around and find a place to park, the UPS worker is getting into his truck to leave. I run over there and shout “SIR, SIR! THERE IS A KITTEN UNDER YOUR TRUCK BY YOUR TIRE!!”

Thankfully he was a nice man who was determined to get the kitten out from under the truck before he took off. He grabbed an ice scraper and was trying to get it out, but it just stayed put.

He started his truck to see if it would get scared and run away, but that just made it crawl up into his tire more! This was not going well.

And then, miraculously, a random guy walks up, army crawls under the truck, grabs the kitten, pulls it out, and saves the day!

It was all wet from the rain and scared and sad and so so tiny and I just wanted to bring it home!

He then walks it down to the grooming place, where they took over from there. I’m sure Claire was NOT happy about a cat coming in there but, 🤷🏼‍♀️.

I wish I had some pictures to show you but, I do not. I am so glad to have seen it when we did so we were able to help save the poor thing!

Claire got her hair cut, we saved a little furry life, we shopped, we had a great day.

The picture above shows Claire pre haircut. Here is her, post haircut.

Honestly, the true Clairabell is that raggedy furry creature up top. I love her scruff. It’s just so her and her personality. When she gets her haircut, she is so grown up and sophisticated and it makes me saaaaaaad.

But she is the cutest little thing either way! ❤️

Hope you enjoyed our rescue story 💕

With love, from us, to you.

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