Taking a Sunset Dolphin Tour

While on our vacation in Florida we decided to take a sunset tour and we are sooooooo happy that we did! Our tour started with a dolphin hunt. Iā€™m happy to report that we found them. šŸ™‚ It was the cutest thing. They would chase after the boat and jump in the wake right behindContinue reading “Taking a Sunset Dolphin Tour”

Running in a Tropical Paradise

Ryan and I were ambitious for this one. We woke up at 6:30, when it was still dark out, mind you. We wanted to watch the sunrise. We left at 6:45 and started our 4.1 mile run across the Cortez Bridge. This was our longest run yet, and our first run in warmer temperatures. WeContinue reading “Running in a Tropical Paradise”

Crab Hunting on Anna Maria Island

My uncle took us crab hunting on Anna Maria Island, where we caught 14 crabs, and I got super creeped out. We walked along the board walk, and my uncle was telling us what to look for. They are in the trees, on the fence posts, and in the dirt. They are small, black, withContinue reading “Crab Hunting on Anna Maria Island”