Our Shared Shelf – In Cold Blood

4.5/5 STARS Our Shared Shelf just recently finished their latest novel! This one was In Cold Blood by Truman Capote. This novel is a true story about an awful murder that took place in Kansas in the 50’s. This was a really good book, but so unfortunate that it’s a true story. I kept forgettingContinue reading “Our Shared Shelf – In Cold Blood”

Our Shared Shelf – The Great Gatsby

Our Shared Shelf has finished our third novel, this one being The Great Gatsby. 4/5 STARS ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I quite enjoyed this one. It was short and sweet, to the point, and maybe a little bit strange. There was always a mystery about Gatsby, who he actually was, what he did. But in the end youContinue reading “Our Shared Shelf – The Great Gatsby”

Our Shared Shelf – To Kill a Mockingbird

Book number 2 got checked off the list a couple of days ago! Now there’s only 98 more to go! 🤪 If you are following along: our next book is The Great Gatsby! We are reading this one chapter at a time. There’s only 9 chapters, so it’ll go quickly! Stop at your local libraryContinue reading “Our Shared Shelf – To Kill a Mockingbird”

Our Shared Shelf – Pride & Prejudice Discussion

We finished our first book club book Pride & Prejudice! For those of you who don’t know, Our Shared Shelf is a book club that is going through a list of classic novels. You can find that list by clicking here. 3.8 stars/5 We are all brand new to classic novels, so the writing styleContinue reading “Our Shared Shelf – Pride & Prejudice Discussion”

Our Shared Shelf – A Book Club!

You really should’ve known this was coming…..A BOOK CLUB!!!!! I’m uberly excited! (is that even a word?) Our Shared Shelf Founded by: Abbie LaFountaine Established: 2021 What we are currently reading: Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen This book club’s purpose is to go through 100 different classic novels! I am currently reading with myContinue reading “Our Shared Shelf – A Book Club!”

Our Little Library

Ryan is such a darling and made a little library to put up on our small private road for everyone. I had come across photos of “Little Free Libraries” on the internet, and thought they were so stinking cute! I also love to read so the thought of a mini community library across the roadContinue reading “Our Little Library”

BOOK REVIEW – The Secret Hours by Santa Montefiore

4.5/5 STARS “Our lives are but a blink on the eye of time. That’s why we have to seize the day.” If you were to ask me who my favorite author was I would tell you Santa Montefiore. I’ve always said Nicholas Sparks, but there’s something about how Montefiore’s writing captures you from the veryContinue reading “BOOK REVIEW – The Secret Hours by Santa Montefiore”

BOOK REVIEW – Redhead by the Side of the Road by Anne Tyler

4/5 STARS A heartwarming novel about relationships and forgiveness. I always know a book is well written if I can actually follow along to it as an audiobook. This book was super cute to me. I listened to it on audio in the car on the long way home from Florida. It was a shortContinue reading “BOOK REVIEW – Redhead by the Side of the Road by Anne Tyler”

BOOK REVIEW – Outlawed by Anna North

3.5/5 STARS A feminist western that flips the script on everything we know about the Old West. Outlawed by Anna North is a story based in 1894 in the Old West. It follows the Hole in the Wall Gang, but it’s a different storyline than the one we all know and have heard. This bookContinue reading “BOOK REVIEW – Outlawed by Anna North”

BOOK REVIEW – Me by Elton John

5 OUT OF 5 STARS. An inspiring story about a musical prodigy who has overcome many struggles in his life. My obsession with Elton John started a few years back when his movie, Rocketman, came out. I remember watching it with my mom and thinking how strange it was. I was very intrigued. My momContinue reading “BOOK REVIEW – Me by Elton John”